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Discussion on: 3 Embarrassing Stories From My Software Development Career

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Dmitry Yakimenko

Ha-ha. When I was a junior dev I once deleted a project the whole company was working on. We used CVS and it was possible to see the projects repos on the network share. We were looking at that folder to fix or find something there. And I somehow awkwardly grabbed the mouse and I clicked a button and the mouse moved a little. I didn't even realized it at first. A minute later we all realize our current company project is missing from the server. ALARM! ALARM! People really freaked out, thought we were hacked, switched off the internet connection, started trying to figure out what just happened. Full on panic mode... Ten minutes later I found it. It was dragged to the sibling folder and ended up inside of it. Phew!

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Jayme Edwards πŸƒπŸ’» Author

LOL!!! That's a great story! Glad you recovered OK from it, that could have been much worse hehe :).