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re: The problem is getting more apparent every year. We're introducing more and more abstraction layers on top of physical infrastructure, making comp...

Whoa there Slavius, what are you so mad about? Your your profile says you are " Currently working as a freelancer on infrastructure, application architecture and cloud engineering."; but then you dig into them like it's going out of style. What's up? It's like you know the differences, but run away from the reasons.

We're introducing more and more abstraction layers on top of physical infrastructure...
Are you suggesting we just write in binary? or maybe you are just a functional purist who likes to rewrite the same functionality over thousands of times?

Instead of physical infrastructure we have hypervisors...
Yes, and that's good. Lets see the difference in time between purchasing your hardware, renting racks, getting auth, scheduling a time at the DC and installing 1000 servers. Compared to someone in the cloud spinning them up in an hour.

Instead of switches and routers we have SDNs that execute on CPUs sharing execution with all cloud customers.
So? Do you think cloud providers are the first to have SDNs? Anyhow, it's far easier to rebuild your network topology in an SDN than it is by hand. Also, want to duplicate it?, click, click; done.

They claim power efficiency, performance and internet speed has increased several ten folds over past years. I hardly noticed webpages or mobile apps loading any faster.
These two have nothing in common to compare for, you shouldn't. If you "notice" that website A is slow, did you also notice that it was slow yesterday ? did you track that? did you notice if you had five other tabs open or ten ? did you notice if you visited the same pages? did you notice if they changed their web servers? did you notice a change in speed from a third party resource on the html page you are looking at? Did you notice they have an over utilized server?

Are you wondering why you need new computer each time new version of Windows comes out?
No. I know why, if you have to buy a new computer when the new OS comes out, it's because the hardware you purchased back then, is no longer good enough to run their newer code which has been designed to run on more powerful hardware. it's like you are trolling or maybe you just are just so blinded by the topic, what the heck does Windows have to do with any of this anyways?

I'm not sure what upset you so much from an IAC article to begin lamenting and ranting about all of this with your ill-informed opinion. Please have yourself a better day/week/year fam.

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I'm unfortunately not interested to reply to your comment for obvious reasons - you are part of a cult and I don't buy it.

You are the one ill-informed. I am long term cloud end-user, renting physical servers and several years working as part of cloud provider company. I have my reasons to write what I write and those are facts I face every day.

Good day, sir!

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