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Discussion on: How and Why I switch the Windows 10 to Linux (Ubuntu 18.0 LTS)

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Me • Edited

Been using windows since win 3.1, msdos even earlier, linux since readhat 8 (probably earlier) and i tell you a few things: linux wont catch any virus of the likes of windows (linux has no registry like windows), no antivirus are required, (which makes your machine very slow), just a good privacy configuration. The update size is way way way smaller and faster than win10. Has no bloatware. Unless theres an exploit or you do it on purpose, rootkits will be the only viruses you get. I can keep on giving reasons about why linux is better. My only reasons to use windows are gaming, playing blurays and using visual studio (you cna always pay for jetpack's rider in linux and i actually prefer it over visual studio).
Linux users are no missinformed at all. Biggest computers in the world dont use windows for a very good reason (microsoft servers do actually use linux)

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accurate mate!

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corey Bruce

You can play blueraysajd use visual studio in Linux also what games do you mean because most in steam work in Linux

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The windows registry is actually better than storing stuff into individual files. Of course there are less viruses on Linux, people don't write viruses and ransomware for something that has no measurable value. Linux gets ddos and hacks all day long, why? Because that's what most servers run. Following your logic Mac OS is the most secure OS in the world (another myth).

I use Linux everyday, so no, I'm not a Linux hater. It just ticks me off to read such a load of bullshit from people. If you don't like Windows, don't use it and just stop bashing it. That horse that y'all are beating can't get any deader.