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Discussion on: Golang or Rust, that is the question.

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I did the same when I first looked at Go. Coming from C# it seemed very un-intuitive. Somehow Rust makes more sense to me but not sure why really...

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To me it feels like Go was cobbled together, Rust seems to be more methodically designed. And what intrigues me is the idea that Rust could be the first "mainstream" language to introduce FP (functional programming) concepts other than the obligatory map/filter/reduce to the masses, although it isn't a pure FP language by any means ... Haskell, Scala, Clojure etc are just too "niche".

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I think go was not a language that was "planed" with the ulterior motives to be for the public and has to be "good". In the first, it was planned to solve google internal problems which other langs could not solve in the way that google needs it to bes solved. Compared to Rust i think was more a "planned" language for the public.