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.NET Core 3.0 is pretty much locked in, but what do you hope to see in the .NET 5 timeframe?


What's great about .NET 5 is that they're bringing Xamarin, Core, and Mono together. With that we'll get native, cross platform access to the Mono linker and tool chain.

My biggest hope for .NET 5 is installed templates not being wiped out with SDK updates. So right now, if you install a dotnet new template then update the installation of the SDK, the template will disappear. I created an issue on GitHub for this, after asking about it on Twitter.

But the most exciting thing to me is the rolling release schedule in .NET 5. Traditionally, Framework is tied to the Windows Kernel. This means that they can't issue updates out of band for Windows. Which means that updates for Framework have always been super slow. Especially since there's nearly 20 years of apps which NEED to keep running, exactly the way that they have before, when a Framework update is released.

But .NET 5 (and beyond) is going to have yearly releases, meaning that we'll get access to new features on a very rapid release cycle. Thinking thay we could have a new feature announced, trialed, previewed, and into our production code bases in less than a year is incredibly exciting to me.

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