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I don't manage to do so every day, but often.

What software do you use for this?

I even have some specialized hardware I bought really cheap in a specialized store, it comes with all the software I need already pre-installed: pen and notebook.


Nice! I use the free one - Mini Diary :)


I do write in a book, but quantity depends on my mood and day.

Some days are bright, and I have a lot to write, some days are not as bright, and I only write a few words, and some days are just bad, I usually don't write at all during those days.


Well, about my life, both in development and outside of this world/work.

I put my dev projects, but also write about some events that happened during the day, or some thoughts I had but couldn't share.


I do. I use Vim and put my thoughts in my daily journal.txt file.


I think there are thousands of words in this file. 😁
Do you plan to split this file?


It's 12 megabytes. I haven't found a need to split the file, yet. I "top post" in the file, so it is in reverse chronological order.


When I am "stuck" (which has lots of definitions and causes) I record myself talking through the issues I'm having. I only record myself to force me to say things out loud rather than just think about them. I usually delete the recording after I'm done. This doesn't happen every day, but I get stuck fairly often depending on the difficulty of what I'm trying to achieve. I started doing this years ago when I did my first solo full app build because I no longer had a team to collaborate with. Since then I found research that indicates that it has psychological and cognitive benefits.


Since then I found research that indicates that it has psychological and cognitive benefits.

Yes, I also read about it.😃

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I am an Android developer. I like reading books about kotlin or java. In free time, I contribute to my own pet projects. Also like math.

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