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Gonzalo Martinese
Gonzalo Martinese

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Why give Puppertino a chance? Why do I have faith in Puppertino?

Puppertino seems to implement in our websites a UI based on Apple styles (MacOS, iOS, etc.).

Although today we have Ionic or Onsen UI, which in its latest versions, allows us to develop web applications with a UI oriented to Apple styles. Puppertino differs in that we can use it with any other CSS framework, that is, without interfering with the styles of the framework we are using, whatever it is.

Puppertino can come to stay, let's remember that in previous years two CSS Frameworks appeared with the same premise, one was Materialize based on Material Design and the other is Metro 4, which is based on Microsoft's UI.

This means that for the future we can find many more libraries or frameworks, with UI based on operating systems or designs made by big companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

Its creator, called Edgar Perez, told me that the Framework was developed to be able to use it in conjunction with other Frameworks and UI Libraries.

I leave the repository of his GitHub, so that I can collaborate with him, in the development of this great tool for UI based on Apple.

Edgar's GitHub ||

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