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April: Forem Twitch Events Roundup 👾

In April, Nick Taylor and I had the privilege to speak with 3 awesome guests. This is a round up of all the wonderful guests who joined us and a special pair programming episode where Nick taught me how Cypress is set up in Forem. .

Walkthrough Wednesday with Maggie Appleton

Nick and I chatted with Maggie Appleton about, art, anthropology, digital gardens, and more.

Places to follow Maggie:

Pair Programming with Nick and Christina

Nick and I talked about how Forem is set up with Cypress end-to-end testing. We also showed how to make custom commands in Cypress and why you might want to.

Some of the links mentioned in the stream:
Forem end-to-end docs
Cypress documentation
Making your UI tests resilient to change by Kent C. Dodds
Forem’s use of Cypress in GitHub
Cypress Rails
Test Automation University

Walkthrough Wednesday with Jason Lengstorf

We were joined by Jason Lengstorf, host of Learn with Jason and VP of Developer Experience at Netlify.

We talked Jamstack, serverless, and Nick and Jason used serverless functions on Netlify to quickly set up an API to grab DEV posts with the DEV API.

Where to follow Jason:

Pair Programming with Jhey

We were joined once again by Jhey! This time we tackled creating an overlay(or scene) and animation for the Twitch Channel. Check out the Sloan the sloth animation we created with ComfyJS and GreenSock.

Where to follow Jhey:

Thanks to all our viewers who joined the streams and chatted with us this month!

Be sure to follow the ThePracticalDev Twitch channel to check out all the great guests we have joining us every Wednesday this month.

Our May guests currently include:

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Forem website is down.

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Christina Gorton

Thanks! We have an open issue here in our repo.