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Christina Gorton
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March: Forem Twitch Events Roundup ๐Ÿ‘พ

In March, Nick Taylor and I kicked off another great month of Twitch streams. This is a round up of all the wonderful guests who joined us.

Walkthrough Wednesday with Jhey

We were joined by Jhey on Wednesday, March 10th to talk about Web animations with CSS, GreenSock(GSAP), and more!

Catch Jhey on the Stream again on Wednesday, April 28th when he joins us to pair program and create a fun animation overlay for our Twitch stream.

Places to Follow Jhey

Personal website:

Pair Programming with Seth Hall

Seth Hall joined us on Wednesday, March 17th to work on adding a UI feature to indicate images are loading when using drag and drop or copy/paste.

[Editor] Add loading spinner for image drag-and-drop upload #12443

Describe the bug

Today, when someone in the editor (/new) drags-and-drops an image to upload it, they have no indication that it is currently uploading because there is no spinning indicator. This UX bug sets incorrect expectations on how our product works.

To Reproduce

  1. Go to /new
  2. Drag an image file into body area to upload an image
  3. Wait for image to upload

This is how it incorrectly works here:

current image upload

Expected behavior


The easiest solution here would be to render the same "Loading..." indicator when people upload an image from the "Upload image" button.

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS, version: Mac OS 11
  • Browser, version: Firefox

Places to follow Seth:

Personal Website:โ€‹

Walkthrough Wednesday with Marie Mosley

We were joined by Marie Mosley, documentation lead, customer support maestra, editor, and community manager at CodePen on Wednesday, March 24th. We talked about CodePen, community, Marieโ€™s tech journey, and more.

Places to Follow Marie

CodePen Challenges: โ€จ
CodePen Radio
CodePen Spark

Thanks to all our viewers who joined the streams and chatted with us this month!

Be sure to follow the ThePracticalDev Twitch channel to check out all the great guests we have joining us every Wednesday this month.

Our April guests currently include:

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