Introducing our November 2019 sponsors

Ben Halpern on November 05, 2019

This month, we return DigitalOcean and CloudBees, and welcome back Triplebyte as a Gold Sponsor. Thank you to each of these companies for being a v... [Read Full]
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Just took advise from Ben and try Triplebyte.

Before talking about my exp, I'm not a fan of quiz. I don't think it judges people's skills correctly. But I did it anyway. The result is my failure.

Hold there, this is the very interesting part. Even though the quiz seems plain, somehow the test actually works very well. It know correctly what I miss that even myself couldn't figure it out. I always knew that I miss something which prevent me to becoming a pro but never know what is it. Today, the test has pointed out exactly what I'm lack of. Triplebyte even gimme keywords for self digging. Man! As a self-learner, I only dream for a keyword to learn. I have no mentor, no academic guide and even no friend who give a damp about CS. So all I can learn is all from keywords and google it. Now I have some very well keywords, can't wait to google it. Triplebyte's even more generous by giving a really cool stuffs to learn.

Couldn't thank you enough Triplebyte and @ben .


A huge thank you to all of these great sponsors!


Nice to see that you took Triplebyte quiz yourself! πŸ˜‰ πŸ‘

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