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What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a sub field of Artificial Intelligence. In Machine Learning, Algorithms are used that use data as starting point.

Algorithms are said to "learn from data". By learning, they are effectively just using numeric data. After the learning phase, these algorithms make predictions.


What does learn from data mean? Basically to apply statistical models to the data.

A basic example would be linear regression, if a person is 1 meter at 12 year and 1 meter 50 at 15 years, how long would the person be at 20 years old?

You could use a simple model based on Y=ax+b to find out and then use it to make predictions.

The danger here is that it doesn't completely capture reality, after 20 years the growth stops while the model continous.

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Fatima Tariq

Thank you Devtox. This is an excellent article!, very insightful and helpful.