Flutter WiFi Direct Plugin

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I started working on a WiFi Direct (P2P) plugin for Flutter.


So far working (Android only at the moment):

  • Subscribe to WiFi Events
  • Discover devices
  • Connect to a device
  • Transfer data between the devices using web sockets and streams.

Feel free to collaborate πŸ™‚


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Dear sir thank you for providing help on wifi direct and p2p connection . i have issue in transferring data like image videos and some else format over the socket basically how the data is going to be encoded and decoded at server and client side please help


I've seen it. Very nice Library thank you. But the minimum API level that it supports is API level 23. What about for API level below 23?


Thanks for your reply. Probably this was the default minimum SDK as I started working on this lib. Let me take a look if I can downgrade the version :-)


I have modified it to support android version starting from 4.1, Please accept the pull request and modify the library on pub.dev


Can you please provide with sample code because discover devices showing empty List everytime.


A working sample is contained in the README. Are the other devices "visible"?


on tapping discover devices it is showing empty list of wifi networks....
Plz see to it.


how I can send and receive files like images, docs, etc. using p2p


Simply follow the instructions in the README github.com/mintware-de/flutter_p2p

  1. Scan for other devices
  2. Connect to the device
  3. Open a socket and send binary data through it

Hello Sir , i was working with your package provided on flutterp2p i was having a query that is can i send files (jpg , png , pdf etc.) using this package. please help
thank you


AFAIK, iOS does not support Wi-Fi direct. Link: forums.developer.apple.com/thread/...