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Discussion on: Optimal Strategy for Giving SALARY EXPECTATIONS in Phone Screens

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George Jempty

This is putting the cart before the horse in my opinion: they should be telling YOU what THEY can pay.

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Nico S___

Unfortunately thats not how it goes on most cases. You might find a recruiter or company that puts in front the expected salary, range or not. But normally they will be out fishing for candidates they can pay less for the same skill level.
So this is a very important skill to learn. Not just for developers, but for anybody in the job market.

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lusen / they / them 🏳️‍🌈🥑 Author

Heck yeah! We're can't have healthy employment relationships until companies and managers take responsibility for information asymmetry and the power imbalance it causes.

I haven't seen pre-emptive salary disclosure too much in tech, but there are some job boards that list compensation alongside roles. Women Who Code and Idealist come to mind.