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Discussion on: Things All Developers Should Learn In College

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Diana Coman

(Hm, how do I cite a part of your comment? )

Re "popularity filters these out for the most part" - how do you figure this?

I'm genuinely curious about this because in my experience popularity is more of a counter-indicator really (as a well-known example think qwerty vs dvorak keyboards, to take this on more neutral ground). And if anything, I'd add to the list for teaching precisely this: stay away from today's popular unless you really are more into fashion than into building up a lifelong career.

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David Wickes


"popularity filters these out for the most part" doesn't really explain JavaScript.

But I guess that's the "for the most part"... part ;)

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Ben Carp

Your comments are very wise.
However, considering popularity to be a counter-indicator to the ability of the language to support your thinking process is, in my opinion, an extreme view. That doesn't mean you can't find exceptions.