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From Containers to Kubernetes with Node.js: A Free eBook

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We at DigitalOcean are excited to share with you a free eBook to support you in containerizing and scaling your apps with open source technology. From Containers to Kubernetes with Node.js is available for download in PDF or EPUB format.

About this Book

This book is designed as an introduction to containers and Kubernetes by way of Node.js. Containers are the basis for distributed, repeatable workflows with orchestrators such as Kubernetes, and they allow developers and operators to develop applications consistently across environments and deploy in a repeatable and predictable fashion.

The examples in this book focus on Node.js, a JavaScript runtime, and demonstrate how to develop an application that communicates with a MongoDB backend. Though the chapters of the book cover cumulative topics – from how to develop a stateless application, to adding storage, to containerization – they can also be used as independent guides.

Motivation for this Book

Often, resources on development and deployment are relatively independent of one another: guides on containers and Kubernetes rarely cover application development, and tutorials on languages and frameworks are often focused on languages and other nuances rather than on deployment.

This book is designed to be a full-stack introduction to containers and Kubernetes by way of Node.js application development. It assumes that readers want an introduction not only to the fundamentals of containerization, but also to the basics of working with Node and a NoSQL database backend.

Learning Goals and Outcomes

The goal for this guide is to serve readers interested in Node application development, as well as readers who would like to learn more about working with containers and container orchestrators. It assumes a shared interest in moving away from highly individuated local environments, and toward repeatable, reproducible application environments that ensure consistency and ultimately resiliency over time.

Download the Book

You can download the eBook for free in the following formats:

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To learn more about the book, check out our book landing page.

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Thank you!

This is quite a surprise, this book is actually can be downloaded without a need of a - virtual/fake/10minute - email address.

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Henrique Oliveira

Thanks DO.