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Discussion on: WebView — Navigation and data flow with WebViews in a React Native app

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digitalninja • Edited

Hey man, great article. Ive tried to get data from RN to my WebApp but am not winning.
Where did you add the eventListener exactly?

Heres my gist

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Mukesh Mandiwal Author • Edited

Sample data you want to pass from react  native to web 

const runFirst = ` = 'green';
      setTimeout(function() { window.alert(JSON.stringify([
             'React Naitve',
             'Node js',
          ])) }, 1000);
      true; // note: this is required, or you'll sometimes get silent failures

 source={{ uri: 'http://localhost:3000' }} // your webview  source
 injectedJavaScript={runFirst}  // pass data to web from react native

 /* In your webview now you can access using  */
  document.addEventListener("message", function(data) {