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re: Nah, no need for the boilerplate to define a custom sort. This would do sorting the map: var m = make(map[string][]string) for _, file := range di...

Edit: sorting the ˋ[]stringˋ within the ˋmap[string][]stringˋ. The map itself can't be sorted.

I don't have a map in my version. I sort an array by a predicate.

Yes, I have seen it. Your approach is different by just sorting a list of filenames. The orginal intent is to sort files by extension into different buckets.

Your use of filepath.Ext() is quit clever. Haven't thought of that.

This would make the example even shorter:

var m = make(map[string][]string)
for _, file := range dir {
    if !file.IsDir() {
        fileName := file.Name()
        ext := filepath.Ext(fileName)
        m[ext] = append(m[ext], fileName)
for ext := range m { sort.Strings(m[ext]) }

@detunized @dirkolbrich

Thanks for the replies! filepath.Ext()! Didn't occur to me to try that. It goes to show that the standard library really is pretty complete.

Dirk, I like the for ext := range m { sort.Strings(m[ext]) } solution then I wouldn't need to have a separate sort in each "print" function, it's much clearer that way.

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