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Discussion on: Attempting to Learn Go - Listing Files By Extension

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Dirk Olbrich • Edited

This would make the example even shorter:

var m = make(map[string][]string)
for _, file := range dir {
    if !file.IsDir() {
        fileName := file.Name()
        ext := filepath.Ext(fileName)
        m[ext] = append(m[ext], fileName)
for ext := range m { sort.Strings(m[ext]) }
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Steve Layton

@detunized @dirkolbrich

Thanks for the replies! filepath.Ext()! Didn't occur to me to try that. It goes to show that the standard library really is pretty complete.

Dirk, I like the for ext := range m { sort.Strings(m[ext]) } solution then I wouldn't need to have a separate sort in each "print" function, it's much clearer that way.