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Hello everyone! I am Dheeraj, a student currently pursuing a Masters degree in Information Systems. I have some experience in Java, C++, SQL, JavaScript, and React Native amongst a few other technologies. Outside of tech, I enjoy soccer, hiking, pizza, and beer!

Joined here to learn about Open Source. Open Source is something that has always fascinated me but I have stayed away thus far under the assumption that one has to be super smart, super skilled, or an expert to be able to contribute. Google suggested me an article @sduduzog wrote a couple days back and it's inspired me to try and explore to see if I can contribute as well!

Anyway, Cheers!


Welcome and thank you for the plug. This really made me happy.


Hello Dheeraj, do not be afraid to embrace open-source. Even small contributions can be welcome on many projects. If you start your own repository on Git-Hub, I suggest using an MIT license or one of the other permissive licenses. The sum of combined effort can exceed the effort of one person. Playing with your own repository can be a good way to learn Git-Hub commands.


I have worked with Git/Github before, just never used it outside of work/school!
Starting to take a look at Open Source a little bit more seriously now + exploring how I can help!

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