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I've got one of the LG ultrawides and like it a lot. It makes having multiple buffers and a shell open side-by-side quite practical. The downside is that smaller monitors start to feel cramped by comparison (much like going from two monitors to one).


Same here, got an iMac 27 and an LG Ultrawide that I hook up to my mbp. I prefer the ultrawide, even though its slightly smaller than the iMac, at only 29 inches.

I do want to try a dual monitor setup with those LG ultrafine displays, they look really awesome


Recommendations on a window manager for macOS?

I want to be able to move my windows to the left, right, and center 2/3rds of an ultrawide.

just if it could save preferences per App and always open in at the desired location


I have the 34UM67-P. It's been a couple years so it may no longer be available.

Since we're in mid-October it will probably be worth holding out until late November for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales like I did. I can't remember what MSRP was but I got it quite a bit cheaper.


I also have LG 34" ultrawides. One of my best buying decision.

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