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It's not cheating, but plugins and graphical tools hide a lot of functionality in the interests of making the basic workflows more ergonomic. If you realize you accidentally committed a config with your AWS credentials last week and need to nuke it from every revision it appears in, recover something from the reflog after a hard reset, or do something else outside the day-to-day push/pull, stage/unstage, branch/merge tasks you'll be doing it on the command line. When that day comes (& it is a when) it will be immensely helpful if you already understand what git-the-program is actually doing when you click things in Fancy Git For Them That Like Graphical Interfaces. Don't feel like you have to do everything with typing, but it'd be a good idea to play around with it a bit so you're not starting from zero when you desperately need it.


Completely agree. I myself have used GUIs for a long time (SourceTree, GitKraken, GitHub Desktop...) and they are very useful for the basic workflow. Unfortunately it is very easy to mess up sometimes with Git, so knowing how it works internally and being able to understand its command line interface will be very helpful.

However Git commands (as a good Linux/Unix command line tool...) are very difficult to understand/memorize. As an example, what does the -d option mean? well, it depends on which command it is applied...

On a daily basis, I would say it's perfectly OK to use GUI clients, especially if they make you more productive! But try to use command line once in a while in order to become more familiar with it, it will help you in the long term.


Thank you for sharing!

When that day comes (& it is a when)

I haven't gotten to that day yet, but you are right, it will come and I'm not sure I'm prepared yet.

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