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Hi, I'm Nina! I've waffled back and forth between programming and pixel illustration, but I'm always looking for things to do!

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B.F.A Illustration, Minor Drawing

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I'm looking for work!

Nina's Mini Experience With Game Development Pitches As A Freelance Artist

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#discussNot Working is Death?

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#discussThe Goldilocks Problem: Project Sizes

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Being New Is So Good It Might Hurt

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PKMN Egg Moves with a side of acceptance

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#discussInternship/Unpaid or Hold out for Entry-Level?

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Using Reddit's API to find Pokemon Trades

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Art Versus Code

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Natural Pokedex Refactor

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Small Project Reflection: Natural Pokedex (React)

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Small Project Reflection: React, TypeScript and PokéAPI

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#discussIs using git without the command line cheating?

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Day 1-5 of 100 Days of Code

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#discussWhat do you want from me?

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