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Discussion on: ReactJS Learning

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Mike Dodge

My favorite resources have been the following. A course on PluralSight called "Building Applications with React and Redux" by Cory House. But that requires a subscription. I'm sure you can find similar courses on Udemy for $10 a pop. Next I found a chat room(I think that is what it's called) on Discord called Reactiflux( There are some very smart folks in there who are very helpful with any questions you have about React. Also, I've had some really good luck getting questions answered in a Reddit page I joined called appropriately ReactJS ( My last favorite resource for questions about React is StackOverflow and make sure you add the tag [reactjs] to your post. I usually go to Discord with simple questions that don't require me to show a lot of code. For bigger questions requiring me to post a lot of code, I turn to Reddit or StackOverflow.

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Sung M. Kim • Edited

Thanks for the links, Mike.

I added those links in the sidebar, just now.