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ReactJS Learning

Hello Dev,

I am trying to learn ReactJS from the very beginning. I am totally confused that from where should I start?. I don't have any knowledge of frontend technologies. From browsing the internet I got a lot of materials(youtube, freecodecamp, medium etc) but still confused to choose the right one.

Can anybody suggest some good materials for ReactJS developer?(Names or Links will be more helpful)

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Florian Rand

Hey there!

The Official React docs have two tutorials. A step-by-step tutorial for people who like learning concepts slowly. And a practical tutorial which it's more to the point.

Depending on your Javascript level it's more than enough to learn the ropes and start creating React apps.

Now regarding frontend technologies, obviously, it helps. Maybe this developer roadmap can help you at least knowing what to learn and where to start (Regarding concepts and technologies).

One of my favourite resources is Mozilla web docs.

And lastly, I think it's a lot more important being fluent with Javascript than focusing on the library itself. If you know your shit with javascript you are going to start writing react apps with no trouble.

Hope it helps!

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Mike Dodge

My favorite resources have been the following. A course on PluralSight called "Building Applications with React and Redux" by Cory House. But that requires a subscription. I'm sure you can find similar courses on Udemy for $10 a pop. Next I found a chat room(I think that is what it's called) on Discord called Reactiflux( There are some very smart folks in there who are very helpful with any questions you have about React. Also, I've had some really good luck getting questions answered in a Reddit page I joined called appropriately ReactJS ( My last favorite resource for questions about React is StackOverflow and make sure you add the tag [reactjs] to your post. I usually go to Discord with simple questions that don't require me to show a lot of code. For bigger questions requiring me to post a lot of code, I turn to Reddit or StackOverflow.

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Sung M. Kim • Edited

Thanks for the links, Mike.

I added those links in the sidebar, just now.


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Vamsi Krishna

I am currently doing WesBos React for Beginners course which is a paid course which I got during Black Friday. So far the course is very good and clearly explains the concepts. You can have a look at it Apart from that Flaviocopes React HandBook which is free and I haven't done it completely but it is worth a try.

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Robert Carlson • Edited

I'm working a react series that goes into very basic and simple detail on how to build an app. It's not the most comprehensive guide, but it does take into account no knowledge of react at all.

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I think you should read The Official React docs first. I also suggest creating one React project with create-react-app. While reading code what you read. I think this is the best way of learning.

If you want a Course about React, I strongly recommend this one.

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Gaston Cusimano

Hello! I don't know how much you know about front-end in general, do you know about HTML5, CSS? There are so many course out there If you want to code on React you have to know Javascript I used to learn with CodeWithMosh. He have many really good courses. I recomend you to whatever you want to learn, try to learn it through examples. Once you have some experience or knowledge you should try make something like projects you can do to become a front-end developer.