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Discussion on: I'm an ex-bartender/waiter who is now a web developer and DevOps engineer, Ask Me Anything!

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Farhan Yahya

How was your transition back to being a developer like? I'm talking about learning paths, commitment, stress and how easy was it for you to land at your first job and what was your role?

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Richard Lenkovits Ask Me Anything

Good question. It was tricky. Actually I first applied again to the university and after I was re-accepted I applied for internships. There are two reasons for why I went this way:

  1. In Hungary you have a certain amount of free semesters payed by the government. I still had 2 back then.
  2. It's much easier to get a developer intern position, than getting a junior developer job, if you don't have experience. Because every damn job requires experience! I only had some portfolio and a bootcamp qualification. For some reason companies don't want coder wannabe adults, but they want to pick up ambitious students (which is just elitism really. Sometimes a fast learner ex carpenter is much better than a disinterested 19 year old kid who only works for some extra money to spend on weed. I'm exaggerating but you got the idea.) So if you are a student companies are more willing to train you, and you are also cheaper for them as student workers have tax benefits.

I got an intern position at a big telecommunication company, where I started working in a DevOps team. This was really beneficial, as I was quickly exposed to many toolchains and practices. Git, bash, python, groovy, java, perl, C++, Ant, Make, also a lot of development practice stuff like source code management, building applications, CI, build automation, etc. I was learning a lot and working a lot. I was watching tutorial videos even after work. My team really supported me, so the stressful part was only my own fear of failure. I was really afraid that I can't learn fast enough. The first year was hard but I really wanted to make it, and I also enjoyed this new lifestyle. Later I was offered a full time position, so I dropped university and I've never looked back since.