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Dmitriy • Edited on

Hey! I'm Dima from Moscow, currently I'm working as a Web Developer for almost 2 years. I've dropped uni after half a year so I could learn programming. I've spent I think a half and a year in total since my first serious decision about becoming Web Developer. I didn't have money at the time I've started learning programming, so I made this journey by myself, I think it was harder and longer for me to search all information by myself, but from the other side I've learned a lot of stuff better, because I tried to understand it and also now I can use google like a real pro.

Right now I'm working on my personal blog/portfolio( and having some troubles with Nuxt.js, so I hope I'll find something handy on, or maybe someone who will read it, could explain me some concepts of JavaScript, Node.js
and Server-side rendering that I'm trying understand right now!

Thanks for reading, I'm not that good in English, but I hope you've liked reading it and have a great night to everyone who's reading!

p.s.: I know Python(Django/Flask), nginx, Vue.js/Nuxt.js, React.js, a little bit of Unity(C#) and I really like DevOps and I think maybe I could try to become a DevOps Engineer