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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hey there I'm Tom a student and developer from Germany. Hope DEV is going to be a great place to look for new inspiration, possibilities and great discussions.
See ya.


Welcome Tom. What are you studying right now?


I study business Informatics.


Hey Tom! 👋

Hope ya enjoy your time on DEV.


Welcome! i am new here also.


In the morning to you good sir!!!


Hey Tom! Welcome!


Hi Tom!! I am new here too! Well met!


I also from Germany duesseldorf. wo wohnst du denn?


In der Nähe von Heilbronn.

sehr gut und wohne ich in der Naehe von duesseldorf.


I’m Tim, 33 year old single dad making a career change into development. I’ve been studying coding for a while now, and over the last year I’ve been deep diving into learning all I can about the front end. I love helping anyone I can with the things I’ve learned so far, and I’m currently trying to land my first coding job! I’ve been a lurker on DEV for a while now, but I’m trying to actively engage more with the community :)


mad respect for you! I can only imagine the friction that is going against you, keep it up!


Thanks! It’s certainly a lot to deal with, but I’m really passionate about development (particularly the accessibility side of things), and I’m committed to the career change, so I’m doing my best.


Good luck bro with finding the job :)


How's the job search going?


I’ve applied to a few places, but only really started sending out resumes this last week, so it’s still early days. I know the general consensus is to start applying a little before you think you’re actually ready, so that’s what I’m doing. I feel like I have a strong grasp of the basics, I’ve built a few projects, and I try to practice as much as possible.


Hello Timothy! I can relate to your situation at a certain level. Success in your journey!


deep respect for this achievement. I wish you the best of luck that you find a great job. And btw. Greetings from Germany 😅


Vielen Dank! Ich wahr geboren im Deutschland, und meine Mutter’s Seite der Familie ist Deutsch, aber meine Grammatik ist nicht so gut ;).


Hi Timothy, hope you good luck :)


Hello I'm a web developer and in the future I want to learn how to make mobile apps. I have various skills in web development and various projects. I joined Dev to see what this community is about and generally look around.


Heya! Welcome to DEV. 🙌

Lots of web developers here, so hope you're able to find some good reads.


Excited to see your future projects! I'm thinking of pursuing web development as a career.



I am a Biomedical Scientist hoping to switch careers by becoming a Front End Developer. Hope DEV is going to help me find like minded people full of great talks and ideas that we can share with each other. Anyone that can guide me a little or just wants to have a chat I would be happy to introduce myself.

Speak Soon :D


Hi! I am Michal, university student from Brno (Czechia). I am mainly web developer and lately I've been discovering beauties of open-source projects, looking forward to get inspiration here on DEV and meet great developers.


Hello i'm Loan, a webdev currently in the french public field with ~ 4y working exp.
I used to work at IBM Service Center for 2y.
I am currently pursuing a degree in Open Source Software Engineering.
I have just opened my freelance business, can't wait to see what this new adventure will bring !


My name is Candor Dennis. I am a technical trainer, a front end web developer and a web solutions expert.

I am passionate about helping fellow youths and interested ones alike to key into tech, find a skill and learn the business around their skill.


Hello guys. I'm Moses an applied physics student from Nigeria. I'm currently taking a specialization course on front end web development and I'm hoping that one day I can develop a fullstack project. Thanks.


I'm Elvin, come from China, 32 years old, I am a husband and a boy's father.
I am a Java full stack developer, my on-hand language is Java and Javascript, the corresponding frameword are Spring family and Vue.
The back-end stack is Java, Spring, Mybatis, Oracle, Postgresql, Mysql, Redis, Mongo, Python, ActiveMQ, Maven, Git ...
The front-end stack is Javascript, HTML, CSS, VUEjs, Jquery, Openlayers, Webpack ...
I want to be a freelancer, so I have been working on clean my tech stack. My direction is Full stack and Mobile Developer. So my futher tech stack will be like this :
LANGUAGE: Java, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3
FRAMEWORK: Spring Boot, Vue, Reactjs, React Native
PERSISTENCE: Postgresql, Oracle, Mysql, Redis, Mongo, ActiveMQ
I love the world, and would like to make some friends if god bless me.
Time passes, with no stop, let us walk our way without stop.


Hi guys, new here! a brief intro: graduated in 2016 as interactive Designer, can do Front-end dev and design. started a fashion brand in 2019, went well till covid hit us hard and it was game over. getting back into coding and design. really eager to get back to work and re-learn/freshing my skills!


Hello there,

Oracle Engineer here specilising in automation, I tilt towards Oracle Databases but enjoy all things data related. Been a lurker here for a while now and finally decided to make an account.


Hello! I'm currently in sales, and I want to learn more programming and maybe jump careers later on :) I did a little web dev, know my way around Python and am looking at Rust right now :)


Hello everyone!

I’m Sergey, a technical expert with 11+ years of experience. Being a certified Scrum Master, I've been the CTO at software development company since 2012. I'm keen on blockchain, big data, AI, robotics, IoT, and enterprise software. Here I write articles in my blog.

Hope, I will be welcomed here.)


Hello all, I am Binoy, I did some sample projects in MERN and hope to learn more in that. Iam looking for any project suggestion where I can learn and contribute too.


Same with contribution here. Good luck for you. Write me if you find some cool projects :)


You bet Tom :)


I'm Kamlesh and I am a frontend engineer and do code in React, Vue, Node, etc.
I joined Dev to share my knowledge about javascript and learn from community


Hello, I am Saurabh. Mainly a mobile dev. I am starting out with web development. Hope to get guidance and discussions.


Hello, I am HW/SW engineer from Spain. I hope that DEV helps me to track latest and coolest changes about technology, programming and so on. I expect to contribute to this community too in order to grown together.

Let's start!


Hello everyone! You can call me Yen. I'm a Senior Software Engineer (.NET) who loves playing video games. I'm a process-oriented person and highly motivated to improve and innovate.

I love dogs even though I don't have one. I love binge watching, and food!

Writing has been my passion since I was young and would love to go back to it and develop it. I've discovered this site on Twitter and thought this is the opportunity to get back to writing.

I hope to meet new friends here and learn more.


Hello guys, I'm Vitor, a student and developer from Brazil, I work with front-end development, and at the moment I'm studying web development, I really like to share my knowledge and help other people. I hope to learn and help a lot here!


Hey everyone! My name is Jordan. Long time reader but I'm hoping to start contributing. I spent over a decade in music production and broadcast video but slowly over the last couple of year transitioned to web development. I've been working on smaller front end projects but my long-term goal is to become a back end developer. 💥


Hey all! My name is Dayna and I'm just finishing up my first Software Engineering bootcamp. I'm excited to jump into the DEV community and keep expanding my knowledge in the development world ! As a coding newbie I've mostly gravitated towards working with React, Ruby and Express, and as a human I've naturally gravitated towards espresso, cooking and crying over CSS alignment.


Hey there. I am Samuel.
I'm a very junior python developer and Petroleum Engineer by profession from Nigeria. I'm into web scraping and also currently learning Machine learning/deep learning.

Read a few articles by Ian on web scraping and I fell in love with his article as it helped me solve a scraping problem and immediately I knew I had to be a part of this community. I hope to learn more from here and from Ian in particular.


Hi, I'm Thomas Joly. I'm a Senior R&D developer at Scality in Paris. I have created a blog which is dedicated to the games resolution algorithm like Sudoku. I have written my first article and I would like to have some reviews from this great community !
My article is about Sudoku resolve algorithm (written in Go): thomas-joly.com/index.php/2020/08/...
Have a good reading !


Hi Everyone, Lovely to be here, I'm a Year 3 CS student from Myanmar. I am currently on the track of Deep Learning, especially computer vision. I also had skills in web development in the past.

So, I am passionate about creating full stack web project along with my trained dl models in the future. I am so excited to share my ideas, feedback, have discussion and love to hear back from this community.
Hasta la vista 😊✌️


Hello Everyone,

This is Ashok Patel from India. Learned lot in last few weeks with help of articles wrote by you all. Finally I decided to join this wonderful DEV community.

I am full time Node.js Developer. Also worked on C/C++. Currently Developing Cloud Native Node.js based micro-service architecture for Financial Service Product. Using Apache Kafka as queuing service and MySQL, MongoDB and Redis as different DB services.

Exploring different Orchestration tool to deploy micro-services. Different open source CNCF project like Kubernetes, Service Mesh like Istio, Linkerd etc. is of current interest.

Lets Connect to Learn!! 😊


Hello everyone,
My name is Marco, aka Pingu and I'm an italian web developer really passionate about programming!
I used to read a lot of DEV posts and i would like to interact more with the community starting from today.
Hope to bring you some useful tips in the future!! 😄


Hahaha Pingu was my nickname in primary school


Hello everyone. I am Moses, from Indonesia. Primarily a PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS developer also have knowledge in Linux. But due to the trends and job demands, it forces me to do a career change. I am currently starting with Go, but I dont think I would not stop there. I also have interest with Python (in context, machine learning), Flutter, Angular/React.

Honestly, tech world is now very overwhelming, at least for me, who is stuck in 2005-2010's tech.


Hello folks! Daniel here... I'm 38 year old, working as SAP consultant and Business Architect for a decade and willing to begin a new career in sw development anytime in the future. I'm from Brazil, married 👫, have three cats 😺 and love cycling 🚲.

Since March 2020 I started a self learning journey to learn to code and create solutions. I'm currently doing the FreeCodeCamp JavaScript course, which has been great. I'm looking forward to connect with the community and learn with you guys! Have a nice week.


Hey all! I'm Nick and I'm self-learning to be a fullstack web developer. I took the risk and let my current job know that I am ending my time with them at the end of this year and I'm terrified. I felt like I was on pace and retaining what I've been learning but recently, I've hit a little bit of a brick wall. I somehow landed a fullstack developer internship (which feels like it's massively exposing what I don't know), I took a test on triplebyte.com to assess to start applying for jobs on there (which... I did really bad on), I decided to return to some basic, simple projects (and feel like I've forgotten everything) and I'm nervous that I won't find something by the end of the year.

I saw a great article about finding community at dev.to and thought I'd throw out where I currently am in my journey to become a developer. Anyone in the same boat? Anyone help anyone that's in this boat!? Would love some help ^_^" haha.

Looking forward to leaning into this community more and learning from people's experience and insight!


Hello all, I am Binoy and learning MERN now. I am looking forward any projects where I can learn and contribute too.