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A few things that I've learned over the last year or so:


Have some kind of markdown file with instructions for contributors. Should folks who want to contribute create an issue before sending a PR? Should contributors work in their forked version of Master?

Some information on the contributors markdown file can be found here

Code of Conduct

Unfortunately, this has become a requirement of late. Need I mention Linus' track records of being offensive towards contributors to the Linux kernel?

(regardless of how you feel about his reactions, a code of conduct is always a good idea).

Do you expect certain behaviours from your contributors? By having a code of conduct, you are explicitly telling contributors how you want them to behave and conduct themselves whilst contributing to your repo.


When logging issues (even on my own repos), I try to be as descriptive about the issue as possible. Here's an example of one of my issues for OwaspHeaders.Core:

Feature-Policy header is not supported #31

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GaProgMan commented on Jul 25, 2018


The OwaspHeaders.Core middleware does not yet include support for Feature-Policy which is a header related to enabling or disabling certain JavaScript API features.

Quote from Scott Helme's blog:

TheFeature Policy is being created to allow site owners to enable and disable certain web platform features on their own pages and those they embed. Being able to restrict the features your site can use is really nice but being able to restrict features that sites you embed can use is an even better protection to have.

Source: A new security header: Feature Policy

Links to Header Information

It's not the best example of an issue, but it's one of my most detailed ones.

The idea is that you want to give potential contributors the most information that you can, in order to get them up to speed with the issue as quickly as possible.

Where possible I try to include a pseudo-code version or 10k ft view of a possible solution, and include links to lines in the code base where the solution could be implemented, too.


Thank you so much! I added the COC and Contributor guide to the issues -- both are so important, and should definitely be addressed ASAP.

Great advice on issues too -- thank you!


Not a problem.

Like all of us, I'm still trying to figure out how to be a great open source contributor and maintainer.


Yes! Definitely going to add that, and maybe add some additional language with positive actions in addition to negative.

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