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Yes. So much this.

It can be too easy to fall into the trap of:

10 wake up
20 commute to work
30 work all day
40 commute home
50 go to bed
60 goto 10

Taking the time to be offline is both wonderful and required for a healthy life. "Offline" will mean different things to different people. For some, it will be AFK, whereas for others it will be completely disconnecting from the world. Where ever on that scale you fit, please do it.

We tend to gloss over mental health issues in the tech industry, but by doing so you can end up with some long lasting problems. But by taking the time out to relax and re-connect with yourself, you'll find that you feel better and more chilled out.

Something's gotta give

I spent some time away, this past weekend. It wasn't even a long weekend, either. I met up with some friends, attempted to beat an escape room, and had an evening away from work, live, the Internet, and email.

Being away from home, family, work, email, and all of that, for less than 32 hours had a huge effect on my behaviour, well being and morale.

Just go do it, whatever it is.

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