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re: Any tips on how to get a good audio setup going? I’ve done recordings of bands for over a decade, but there’s something about Skype audio recording...

I would move away from Skype, and look into dedicated apps. I've used both Zoom and ZenCastr in the past. Both have free tiers so you should be able to try them out - and there are dozens of similar apps out there.

Zoom is advertised more as a video conferencing app, but it records the audio (if you tell it to record, that is) as separate tracks - so each person is in their own track).

ZenCastr is similar, but is entirely in the browser and is designed specifically for podcasts.

If you have to use Skype (or a similar VoIP app), I'd recommend having everyone record their audio in tandem to you recording the whole thing. If you do this, it's important to have a sync sound. This is so that, when editing, you can easily sync the tracks together. I've used a countdown followed by everyone clapping once in the last ("1, and-a 2, and-a 1 2 3 [clap]).

There are a few points on this page which might help too. Send me a Twitter DM if you'd like to chat more about podcast set ups, and we can figure out a time to connect and I'll see if I can help more.

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