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re: Have any tips for the days when you just "don't wanna"?
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Oh man. I get this at around 8pm on a Wednesday night.

My goto strategy is to take a short break and do something completely different. So when I'm 2 hours into editing some audio and I get all antsy, or just want to give up, I get up from my chair, head outside and walk around the block. Granted UK blocks are a lot smaller than most of the world, but it clears my head.

But if I haven't started the task yet, and I really don't wanna, what I'll do is get myself into a position where I should have already started. So when I used to go running all the time, I'd get changed into my running gear and go stand by the front door. It seemed pointless to be standing there, ready to go, knowing that I'd have to get changed again if I didn't go. So I kind of procrastinated myself into running.

It's what I call the Professor Farnsworth dilemma.

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