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Maybe then "magic pixle" or image style approach might work? E.g use an image in your article, but one hosted on a domain your control and can get analytics on?

Wouldn't be perfect, as it depends on the content being shared with your embedded image intact, and not just copy and pasting the text.

Beyond that, maybe if the search method is working, you could do some automation of the process.

E.g part 1, scrape your posts, part 2 do the searches, part 3 alert you on some way if s new result is found?


Yeah the former is a no-go because typically it's just the link and title that are shared, not necessarily a card or anything. The latter is something I've thought about, and could be fun to write as a side project and share around... 🤔


Haha, thanks for all the suggestions! Tbh I'd be slightly more inclined to go a Node.JS route, since it's where my knowledge lies (and would give me practice that could be directly applied to my day job), but I do enjoy the occasional Python hackathon, so who knows!


Start something open source on GitHub, I am sure others would help.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if each of the tree things already exists, although maybe in isolation.

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