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I'm a quality hero, customer champion. Experienced software tester and newbie developer. Okay, so I've actually been dabbling in code for a long time. I've just not gone very deep in any language .


BSc Forensic and Security Technology


QA Engineer at PA Media

Testing HTML5 Upload

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Works on my machine

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Two simple tests you should be using with Postman

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What do you do, when you are stuck?

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Show off your Test Automation Skills!

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Testing IS for Beginners

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Questions you should be asking before you test a new feature

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STOP! Automating everything for "regression" is a waste of time

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I'm Benjamin Dowen, and I support women devs.

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Thank you

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Path to Test Automation Success

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Using Grammarly in Opera Browser

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What do you do while your waiting for builds?

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5 Podcasts I love

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Automated REST API Testing with Python

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How I am learning to test The Internet with SeleniumBase

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Automation - Just do it!

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