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re: Part of this is probably personal experience. There are likely a few people who somehow manage to learn it all and do well, or maybe they just happ...

My personal experience is a bit biased - because I'm a Tester in my day job, and not a "Developer".

I have however been learning about coding and programming for many many years (from when I was also about 10-12). And in fairness, I am still inexperienced at "Unit testing".

However from my experience as a Test Analyst/Test Engineer of some years, I would argue there is a vast world of "Testing" beyond unit and automated testing.

And I genuinely think some of the lessons from being a test analyst would hugely benefit new Developers.

So while the headline is "don't make new devs do testing" - and that I disagree with - I can 100% sympathise with "Don't make new Dev's learn how to implement assertions before they have even learned fundamental concepts".

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