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I use Typescript and ts-node, works like a charm.


Of course, but then you would have to use typescript for the whole project right? What if you don't want strict typing. What if you are extending existing node.js code? You would have to change all the .js files to .ts right? I was basically looking for a solution as close to native node.js as possible.


Typescript allows you to use JS as well. You can also set types as any, so it doesn't require a full conversion. You are adding a dependency either way, I was expressing my preference. The great thing about Node is you can do things many different ways

Yeah sure, to each his own. But are you sure TS allows JS? I mean do you mean it allows JS code in TS files or it allows JS files? Because compiling .js files with tsc throws "The only supported extensions are '.ts', '.tsx', '.d.ts'" error.

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