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For the last couple of days, purely by coincidence because that's the way their publication schedule works, it's been mostly sports podcasts:

  • Super League Pod (mostly English rugby league)
  • Chasing Kangaroos (global rugby league)
  • Brian Moore's Full Contact (rugby union)
  • Stumped (global cricket)
  • LGBT Sport Podcast

that last one is worth a listen for normal people too, not just LGBTQALPHABETSOUPs, as the people they interview are worth listening to anyway.

The non-sport podcasts I've listened to today are:

  • Live From Lord North Street (Liberal politics)
  • Lexicon Valley (linguistics)

I don't listen to any computery podcasts. There used to be a good one whose name I can't remember about software quality and testing, but the vast majority of those out there appear to be just about the latest tedious Javascript fad.

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