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The best way I've found of remaining focused is The Pomodoro Technique. I break work into intervals with a timer.


Pomodoro clocks, good note taking, I used to pay these 'easy' things little mind. I'd write 'fake notes' -- just enough to tell myself I did. I'd think, 'If I'm in the zone, why allow a stupid timer to disrupt that?' Shocker, if you're in the zone, the stupid timer won't disrupt you. That said, it's a great way to structure your time, give your brain a moment to digest the work done in the previous session -- reflect. I find these easy things invaluable.


I agree with you, and you always have the option to keep working through the timer. But you can also take it as a time you can take your eyes off and rest.

I know people who can't get started with work. I also know some who will work 8 hours straight staring at their computer screens with the absolute minimum bathroom and coffee breaks. Doing this can cause headaches, eyesight issues, neck and back pain, hand cramps and more.

So is it really that bad of a thing if you get interrupted every once in a while and reminded to take a break? Besides, you can customize the timer as you wish. My timer is set on a 45-minute work 15-minute break (which I do not always take). So there is a lot to this method that can be a cornerstone benefit for productivity balanced with healthy habits.


I am glad you brought up Pomodoro! It is one of my all-time favourite methods, and I especially apply it in situations I am having a hard time focusing.

For people who aren't familiar with the method, I am leaving this article as a guide to get into it.

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