Discussion on: 8 steps to start freelance programming and get your first clients

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Duomly Author

Hi, thanks for comment :)
Article is for everybody who would like to start with IT, you can be freelancer with any of languages, or skills needed in IT.
I would say Golang, Python or Kotlin are not typical frontend technologies, of course, you can create frontend with them(with some additions of html), but its not really popular method, and are more often used in backend :)

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Holy-Elie Scaïde

To add to your comment. What they need to know is you obtain jobs based on your skill not because of a category. Saying you're a mobile developer does not help much to sell to clients. You can say that you can create React Native Apps, ios native app or/and Android Native ones. Be as specific as possible about your skills and how they help your client instead of slapping a general label on your profile (like web developer, full-stack developer).