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Discussion on: Getting started with Spring Security - Authentication and Authorization

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Daniel Dušek • Edited on

Hello! Thanks for the interesting reading. I have just stumbled upon your second part and ended up reading the first part as well. Good stuff!

If you ever decide to update this post and maybe run out of topics to continue with, I'd have two suggestions:

  1. The first code snippet showing that we can set up our own credentials would surely benefit from using actually a strong password, in place of "1234" - considering this being a security related post.

  2. In the future you could also write up some theory on why is hashing considered necessary as opposed to plaintext/encoding/encrypting when it comes to storing passwords. Such post could be then interlinked from the section where you mention encoding is not a good choice for production.

Thanks for the time you have put into writing this down, I will be looking forward to your next posts.

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Jonathan Faber Author

Thank you for your feedback Daniel, I'll keep it in mind for possible future posts :)