Pricing online courses/books for Devs around the world.

dvhlpr profile image dvhlpr ・1 min read

Should Devs consider the difference between earnings in different countries and derive some normalisation method while pricing their work for international market? As it would help lot more junior devs in countries where pay is much less.(Cost of living should also be counted in)



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Yes! I saw that Wes Bos does something like this. You can read all about it in his tweets here: twitter.com/wesbos/status/87573408...


Totally agree with what Wes Bos is doing. Many companies outsource work to pay them a wage based on the outsourced employee's standard of living.

I'm sure there's some economics research on this for more general labor markets.


That's exactly what I was talking about. And I think more and more people should promote this.