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1) Narrowing my focus in terms of learning/practicing: I recognized this year that my focus has been spread too this on learning all kinds of stuff, so I'm narrowing it down to React/Gatsby/Apollo ONLY (ok, maybe a bit of Rails as well), with a heavy focus on mastering Gatsby and demonstrating all sorts of use cases. I'm looking forward to building some projects that show off the power of the content mesh, headless CMSs, and PWA functionality in Gatsby.

2) I was able to get in the habit of programming every day, so now I'm adding the habit of exercising every day. I had a hand injury this summer from an auto-immune condition paired with overuse, and that restriction was really frustrating and made me appreciate being at 100%. I've been doing 8 Minute Abs almost every day (SO CLOSE to acing this routine), and I'm tacking on some other things. The key seems to be making small, easy changes and building onto them.

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