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Some pretty big changes! A new dev job coming up in London, which is a big move for me having grown up and come from smaller cities before.

As if that's not challenging enough... I will also be working with Rust in my new job, and I don't know an awful lot about it just yet πŸ™ˆ

And all of that has inspired me to write this up (shameless plug upcoming πŸ˜‚):


Hope you're not too nervous about it all! In my experience choosing a position that offers more challenge rather than less forces you into a "strive to be great" mentality and prevents stagnation. You'll likely have a lot of fun :)


That's reassuring to hear, and not stagnating is what I'm aiming for! Regardless of how the experience turns out (which I'm sure I'll be fine, haha maybe comments like this can keep me "accountable" in six month's time), I'm excited to see what I'd have learnt from it!

For sure and I think that's the best way to look at it :). I took a new job nearly 2 years ago now where I knew very little about most of the tech stack they use. And I'm so glad I did because I'm still learning each day and I also know I'm able to add my own expertise into the business and add value.

Best of luck into the new year!


Big changes and big challenges, but it sounds awesome. I'm sure you'll do great!

Challenge accepted!


Thank you! It's fair to say I'm super excited but equally a bit nervous! I'm sure the nerve will settle once I got into the hang of things πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


Trying to work more efficiently/effectively! Produce more (or more relevant) work while putting in the same (or less) time and effort. Focus on what's really important and relevant (things that make me a buck, feel more rewarding, etc). Waste less time so that there's more time left for things outside work.


For becoming more efficient, productive and energetic, I can recommend you these books:

  • the 5am club, Robin Sharma
  • Tools of Titans, Tim Ferris => also has a lot of content on YouTube and his blog for free
  • stealing fire, Kotler & Wheal

I've read all of them and a ton of other books. I think these three are sufficient in understanding different approaches and viewing the problem from multiple angles. They are also nice to read, I enjoyed the language.

Also working more from home to shut off co-worker's daily blabla helps a lot.


Thanks man! I think it's all down to "discipline" but these books look like they make for an interesting read ... oh and BTW I'm already working from home as I'm a remote freelancer :-)

True, in essence you have to be

  • disciplined about your morning routine,
  • take care of your body (food & sports),
  • rest well,
  • and try to work in a flow state.

For me all starts with the discipline to get up early. It's hard, especially during winter I struggle with it because it's so dark in northern Europe (we now have 4h of sunlight oO).

Hehe, that's the part I enjoy the most about my life: being a remote freelancer ;-)

"Flow" is really the big thing for me ... the moment I get into the flow and I can shut off all distractions is when I can be truly productive :-) ...

Even then, it often feels like the 24 hours in a day are never enough, BUT this is a matter of setting priorities and choosing what's REALLY important for you ... you have to acknowledge that it's simply impossible to do "everything".


First, I need to let myself heal. College is over and I finally feel like I’m working in a safe and supportive environment. I want to learn and give so much there, but I can’t do that to the extent I want until I heal from the past.

Then, 2020 is going to be a year of loving myself so I can give to back to the community as it gave to me this year. ❀️


College is over and I finally feel like I’m working in a safe and supportive environment.

That is great, and this sounds awesome all around!


I have high hopes of visiting a tech conference in the US!


Any ones you're looking into in particular?


re:Invent, ReactConf and maybe a dev.to one, which has never happened yet!


Going on a "sandwich diet" until I lose 40lbs.
As long as it's in sandwich form, I can eat it.


Lettuce sandwich using high fiber wheat bread might help.


This bread has a lot of fiber, grains so hard its like eatings stones.


Anything's a sandwich if you have two slices of bread.


I'm always so tired after work, I have a really hard time keeping up with side projects! I'd really like to hammer in some time each week and keep up with it.

Remind me to stop working retail marketing sometime soon.


I feel this so much. There's so many projects I want to try or ideas that float into my head while working. But when I get home or the weekend comes, there's just no energy!!

We can do this!!


Really? I thought I might want to study Marketing. Something in fashion like high end clothing or cosmetics.


Oh I'm just being a bit dramatic. I truly love it, but sometimes it just annoys the hell out of me (especially since I specialize with in-house small businesses and usually end up working on the floor a lot).

If it sounds intriguing, I highly suggest it! Marketing can be taxing, but when you enjoy it it's a lot of fun.


I'll be working on my habit building. Right now I have a lot of bad habits that need to be got rid of, irregular bedtime routine being the most serious one. Also need to build up good habits, fitness training, writing regularly, meditation, etc.


That’s a good one, what made you decide on specifically habit building?

If you haven’t come across it already, The Compound Effect is an awesome book on forming habits.


Because I've accumulated an array of bad habits during my depression a couple of years ago, and I think I can only truly disconnect myself with that period of life by getting rid of them and building good habits. There are a lot of things that I want to do that are not possible if I still have those bad habits.

I haven't read the book The Compound Effect yet, it's on my reading list now! :)


Make my app succeed, I will start now with shameless advertising.

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  • Open in android studio and use the normal steps to run
  • ./gradlew test to run the unit tests
  • ./gradlew install to install the app


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and I would love to make the big thread club here at dev

I owe you a message about this btw, I want to help but I’ve been busy. I’ll be in touch some point soon.


Can you tell me something about your project? From the store's description I understand that you plan to rivalize with Google Assistant, Alexa and co


Well, though Ara is not quite done yet, its very expandable. when the final release comes around I could introduce all new features by just writing the code for the feature, adding it to a web service, and adding an entire to A DB. if there is an issue I can just take the entire down. the front end need about a week more work for version 1.0 the back end may need 2 (I am adding an IOT ecosystem), I will be happy to answer any more questions you may have.


Just trying to improve more with Blender, drawing, and programming. I'd like to spend more time on larger projects to show myself what I've learned so far. With a full-time job, it can be extremely hard to keep up the momentum after 8 hours at the computer. Working at home helps.


I want to increase my problem solving and analytical abilities as I begin my journey as a Full Time Software Developer for a Fortune 500 company at the end of the month! I also want to finish my personal website using React and hopefully begin working on small projects to keep learning and retaining information! I will be reading more books and trying to structure a balanced life style which enables me to spend time with my Fiance, friends, and even have some down time to play some video games without eating a lot of my productivity time.


Basically changing my entire routine & being more accountable


Wake up earlier. Exercise more. Read more. Build a company.


Waking up at 04:30. Making the bed
45 minute jog & exercise
05:30 - 5.45 : shower
Reading from 05:45 to 06:30
Breakfast, brush teeth 6:30 - 7:00

07:00 - 07:15 read emails (I don't get many as of now so this shouldn't take much time)
07:30 - 08:30 Customer acquisition plan/Advertising planning (for a book I'm winding up on - applies to January) and learning
08:45 - 09:15 - Slack, hopefully joining a new remote team as a SWE mid-Jan. Daily call for update
(15 min break)
09:30 - 15:30 - Work, with 15 minute breaks in between. Will also have a lunch/snack

15:45 - 19:00 - Recording videos & working on my ventures (hands on)
The hope is to be able to delegate most of the stuff

This is getting a bit lengthy but I'm still working on the routine. Would love any thoughts and pointers too

Probably gonna update this with more changes. Just ran out of time to finish


The trouble with NYRs is the strong temptation to give up after the first failure, so I suppose this paraphrase of Jonathan Edwards' Resolution 56 of 70 should be at the top of the list.

After that I need to get more consistent with a number of things:

  • Early to bed.
  • Tidyness.
  • Less clutter (related to but not totally overlapping with tidyness.)
  • Better self-management (I recenty discovered ADHDDD. Helpful stuff!)

I could keep adding to that list. I'm getting better at self-examination. Might have avoided some seriously bad times if I'd done more of it my teens, twenties, thirties ... um forties, early fifties ...


Aiming to be recognized by a project I'm working on. Hell, I'm going to give it my all.


I want to build something people pay for...

I am struggling with identify the right idea that I can get to market easily. I know I just want to bootstrap it. And that I have two young kids and a wife.

Anyone have suggestions? Must be web based, it’s what I know well.


The Silicon Valley model of "big idea πŸ‘‰ figure out a market πŸ‘‰ figure out a monetization strategy" does not work for bootstrappers. You don't have the runway to flail around that long. You'll have better luck approaching the problem starting with the people.

"who I can serve πŸ‘‰ problems they pay to solve πŸ‘‰ create those solutions"

The solution doesn't have to be big. You can start small and work from there. It also doesn't have to be software, unless you really want it to be for some reason. Small product ideas you could build and sell in less than six months could be a book, course, or Wordpress Plugin for example. I'm sure there are more.

Anyone else have any ideas?


Consider following @thekitze and Swizec. They seem to be doing well in this space. They're generally quite active on Twitter.


I'm a pretty good dev, one of the best at what I do. But over the years I've always kept what I know to myself, I feel it has kind of had a negative impact. I also suffered a burnout towards the end of last 2019 and kind of felt like i stagnated a bit, so here are the changes I will be making:

1) I'm hosting a meetup in the first quarter of 2020 for intermediate to senior backend devs in Lagos Nigeria. I hope to use it as a platform to help grow the backend community and also to help me share what I know and learn as well. (Backend speakers required)

2) Also will be hosting a backend conference sometime between 2nd and 3rd quater for same purposes. (Speakers also needed)

3) Write a whole lot more and speak at more conferences other than what I organize (So watch out for a horde of articles dev.to)

4) Developer advocacy is something I have become really interested in of late. I will be actively seeking a position as an advocate

5) Intend to pick up at least one open-source project to actively contribute to

6) Picked a book called essentialism, intend to learn how to use the power of less

7) Lastly, picking up a new language (Golang) and will be putting a lot of what I learnt from ML this year to good use

I expect it to be a busy year and most of my activities will be organized towards improving the backend community in my country, continent and at large and also coming out of my shell.


I decided to work on a new side project of my own. It doesn't matter, whether it's a completely new idea or just an existing app idea with some critical features and enhancements. Because wait for the right idea it took me two years, doing nothing.


Try and interact more with the community, start writing posts and commenting. Maybe also start trying to contribute to some open-source repositories and build my skills in various languages. I've just turned 26 and only one year into my IT career thanks to taking 2 years off as an English Teacher. Feel like I've already fallen behind and have a lot of catching up to.


For my new years resolution i've decided to invest more time into practising what i have learned, and into learning new things. I have a job that is waiting for me after my graduation for wich I want to study more (it is a totaly new programming language and fraimework for me)...soo wish me luck and I wish luck to all of you people struggling to make it in this industry, and also the people who are pros but as always still learning 😊❀


I will graduate from my college this May so want to choose a right place to start job.

Also, plans to build a game before I graduate from college.

And I will try to stay as possitive and healthy as I can and not force myself to code when I dont want to.


Finishing college is a pretty big change coming up. On top of that I'm really excited about some dev opportunities coming up and I would love to continue being an active contributor to the dev.to community.


I'm planning to dive directly into the cold water of open-source. And because I'm aware that things might not go as planned in the upcoming year, I decided to start my journey into the unknown right now. For the past days I've been only doing research and trying to find out how to best kickstart my first open source project.

  • Start blogging
  • Actually finish some of my projects
  • Find out what I want to focus on (gamedev, web, software, system)
  • Improve grades

And the big one, but not very high priority,

  • Start a company (I'd like to already have a company when I graduate)

Wow,just do it.Following the voice from your heart.


I don't want to code forever. So in 2020, I aim to publish, coach, and consult more.

Sharing what I've learned with others has been my most effective career hack. Writing and sharing have led to clients, speaking engagements, and conversations with interesting people. But the best benefits are internal, not external. Publishing allows me to do more communication & critical thinking reps and strengthen those muscles. It shows when I'm talking with colleagues & bosses. I can tell when I'm working through tough business problems.

From there, I'd like to find ways to apply that kind of problem-solving in higher-leveraged ways. To move from the laborer to the expert. Away from "the person that does the work" to "the person who knows how to do the work." Less "doing things" and more "making things happen."

Coaching and consulting are underrated skills developers can pick up. I suspect many developers don't recognize them as "skills" they can learn and develop. Helping others develop their skills, and persuading them to take action, and uncover their best selves is very rewarding. Maybe if I publish enough decent ideas, I can convince a few others to let me help them.


I'd like to start freelancing. I'm an office worker now and I'm a bit tired of 9 to 5 work. I realize that freelance is challenging and it requires more discipline, but I want to give it a try in 2020. And, of course, use this time for more traveling. Wanna see Portugal ;)


I've got a very positive and hopeful outlook for 2020. I've been using 2019 as a way to create better habits. Now I'd like to use the new year to not only continue building on these habits I've started doing. For example, I'm planning on building more projects next year and applying languages/frameworks I've been learning or don't feel 100% confident with. I'd also like to do more algorithms and any type of coding practice that will help me prepare for coding tests I might encounter on the job search.


The coincidence, I wrote a post on this inspired by @pachicodes .
Basically, I want to write more, attend more conferences, learn new frameworks and languages, work on Blockchain, Data Science and Quantum Computing.

I am also transferring from Medium to Dev.To Man. You know being from India I can't get paid to write? But they keep bugging me to pay!


Oh that is great!I hope you can reach all your goals!

And that is too ba they want to pay!
Dev.to is awesome


There are 2 big changes for me. 1st is joining HCL Technologies as Technical Lead next month and started Youtube Channel is another achievement i consider for myself through which i'm able to learn more and more. :)


Get back into public speaking by looking for a local Toastmasters club and submitting talks to several conferences.

Drop another 20 pounds in weight by committing to 3-4 days a week of kickboxing and some specific diet improvements. I'm already down 10 pounds since August.

Get a few web dev projects under my belt. My first project is already underway. It's nothing fancy yet, but I found a free "quotes" dataset and I have basic CRUD working in Rails, so now I'm going to start working on making it shiny and then getting it hosted somewhere. I'll take any suggestions for a "quotes"-like website domain :P

Learn how to sell myself better. I have a small reading list and a couple mentors that are coaching me.

Planning a vacation rather than waiting for burnout :)

It's a lot, but I'm highly motivated and I'm making specific plans on how to achieve them.


I'm going to start my second 12-week year on Monday. My goals for the 12-week year are finding work, finding friends and transforming my relationship with money by implementing steps of Your Money or Your Life book.

  1. Be patient
  2. Learn to shut the f. up and listen for once.
  3. Learn not argue but rather not care or risk bad ideas just to make sure you're right
  4. Learn how to express yourself better including facial expressions

I have poor genetics, I'm short, have an angry look when I'm confused or asking questions, and worst, I'm always impatient and angry (I guess father side :D ). Therefor, I then to talk to much and argue, although it will make no difference. Even though I usually pick mi fights, only if I'm quite sure I'm right, it's still better to let the people see they made a mistake, otherwise they only rush to prove you wrong, and then kind of avoid you as it makes you they guy that makes people look bad, which is opposite of what I want. Not sure is it me or do people usually like to look down on people who tend to point out mistakes commonly accepted as truth in groups? Anyways if you're alone on one side, it's healthier to correct them once or twice, and after just propose different things as opinions if necessary as you will look like an a*h* if you don't.


Going through a very big role change.

Previously focused on emerging technology (for the company) and marketing technology (as my main internal client). Often joked I was the Director of IT miscellany.

Hired someone to run that aspect in my stead while I take up internal tooling, DevOps/SRE, continuous improvement, internal consulting on API development, when to use microservices, etc. These have all been my side projects, so they're switching to being my main focus.

I'll still have some miscellany (Apache SOLR belongs to me for instance, and I love it). Definitely a lot less web dev focused as far as my coding will go, and I'm happy with that. Will eventually expand my team, but for now it will be me and one other from my previous group.

Pretty darn excited.


Hopefully pass my exams in May.

The toughest thing for me next year will not be exams or coursework, it will be deciphering this year's code πŸ˜‚


The goal is to study a lot about technologyπŸš€.
Target: Cloud Computing, Algorithms
Also, want to get some remote internship or job πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ


I will be graduating next year πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰
So will actively start applying to jobs & internships.
Plus would involve more in OSS πŸ’ͺ


1) Narrowing my focus in terms of learning/practicing: I recognized this year that my focus has been spread too this on learning all kinds of stuff, so I'm narrowing it down to React/Gatsby/Apollo ONLY (ok, maybe a bit of Rails as well), with a heavy focus on mastering Gatsby and demonstrating all sorts of use cases. I'm looking forward to building some projects that show off the power of the content mesh, headless CMSs, and PWA functionality in Gatsby.

2) I was able to get in the habit of programming every day, so now I'm adding the habit of exercising every day. I had a hand injury this summer from an auto-immune condition paired with overuse, and that restriction was really frustrating and made me appreciate being at 100%. I've been doing 8 Minute Abs almost every day (SO CLOSE to acing this routine), and I'm tacking on some other things. The key seems to be making small, easy changes and building onto them.


I'm not sure I need to make changes. I think if anything, I need to aim a bit higher. I'm clicking very nicely right now and that won't always be true. Time to take that momentum and challenge the tall hills of publication and becoming a Microsoft MVP.

  • New timetable.
  • Potentially new diet (depending on how my allergies changed).
  • Journaling (got a bunch of free notebooks so no excuse for that).

Pretty big changes, I will be starting with my first job as Trainee Software Developer, I plan on creating a portfolio and try working more on open-source 😁


Start a new engineer job which would be my second in the industry.


Will try to blog consistently!
Wish me luck :)


I am learning to keep focus on the business value and not in the latest tech to learn. I am learning how to say no amd just learn what is needed for the job.


I have a few courses that I've not yet completed. I need to complete them and start learning data structures and algorithms in earnest. Main goal of 2020 is to get a job as a front end developer.


Landing a job, improve ui/ux design, and learn react πŸ˜„


Being SOLID, get a DevOps life in my job... and get a deep knowledge of C#!


Taking the plunge to becoming a entrepreneur, creating a new ebook, changing my sleeping routines to sleep early and exercising daily with my newly brought 24kg kettlebell.


Well, I can't say yet, I haven't made the commits, so I can't know which changes I'll do to my code..

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