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To do:

-Straight-up master Gatsby. I'm pretty comfortable with it, but I'm making 2020 the year I know this library and how to apply it in a given situation inside and out.

-Switch my job-searching strategy from sending out applications to whomever seems interesting and hiring to putting more weight into networking and targetting specific employees.

-Rebuilding momentum in terms of blogging and writing. 2020 will be the year that I get going on a series aimed at beginners that will explicitly tell them what to worry about and what not to worry about when learning software development (ie, learn this concept cold, look up the syntax for this thing as needed).

-Continue building my React knowledge, and start getting comfortable with the Apollo platform.

What NOT to do:

-Get distracted by shiny technologies (looking at you, Elixir) that are not in the React/Gatsby ecosystem. I wanted to show a certain amount of diversity, but all it's done is hurt my job search, and I want to narrow my focus and show more depth in the coming year. I will put a small amount of time into continuing to get good with Ruby on Rails, but that's the only non-JS allowance I'm making.

-Use tutorials or Udemy! This was a bad habit that I started to move away from in 2019, and it was clear that the extra effort from learning things the hard way was resulting in quicker mastery of concepts, even if it didn't feel like that. I have a React Native course that I will slowly finish up, and I will check out any Gatsby course by an A-list teacher (like Andrew Mead or Angela Yu), but this coming year will be largely tutorial free for me.

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