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Data structures and algorithms. I bombed pretty hard during an interview session at Microsoft last month.

It's great that I can build and design sites and applications, but I'm in the phase where the question becomes related to performance and scalability. And next year will be centered around that.


Congrats on getting an interview, that's an achievement on it's own! For what it's worth, interviews for senior and above tend towards system design and behavioral/situational questions rather than Leetcode.


Good luck!

From what I hear, just getting an interview with Microsoft means you must be pretty badass already! ;D


I'll start!

In tech goals, 2020 is the year of Kubernetes for me. I plan on getting more familiar with the eco-system, and maybe even start contributing to the project!

In career goals this is not an aggressive goal for me, but if I can find a job at a company that has all the pros of where I work now, but in addition to that is a remote-first company I'll be very happy :)

And in personal goals, I'm taking up Krav Maga and organizing a course at my synagogue for next year.


That's a cool goal, I'm curious though.

Do you plan on using Kubernetes on your day-to-day job? I've always internally debated picking up something new but whether I do is heavily dictated by whether I can reinforce the learning at my job.


There's a very strong possibility that I'll be using it in the near future at my current job, but even if not, k8s is a huge part of the ecosystem of what my company does (PaaS and IaaS) so learning more about it will definitely help me in my day-to-day.


To be honest I haven't really got many goals for next year, since I never seem to be able to achieve them. I'm going to take things month by month, so in January I want to focus on:

  • going to bed at a consistent time
  • doing some exercise in the morning
  • finishing all my Japanese kanji flashcards each day

And then if all goes well, adding more goals in February!


This year hasn’t had the best ending for my family (see my own 2019 Year end review) but two things are on it for sure:

  1. Graduate Flatiron
  2. Get a killer remote job that values personal development.

But on a random “I’ll get to it one day” I’d like to learn Rust.


So sorry about your daughter and your husband! 😔

Good luck with Flatiron and hopefully that awesome job won't be too far behind!


I have three main goals:

  1. Learn Golang.
  2. Write a blog post once a month.
  3. Finally finish a project that I started. Far too often do I drop projects because I feel "tired" or "lazy" after work. 2020 is the year of achievements and "doing" until you find the motivation, not waiting for the motivation to come.

Apart from that, I'd love to try out contracting. Only ever worked as an employee, need to step out of my comfort zone.


In tech goals I have these:

  • Build some projects with PHP
  • Learn laravel
  • Contribute to open source projects
  • Design Patterns
  • Algorithms and data structures

Going to be focused on 3 key aspects.

  1. Distraction-free time with the kids
  2. Working with my spouse to get her ready to enter the workforce after 7 years.
  3. There is one more career-driven, which I am still ironing out.

That number one though 😍

That's something I constantly struggle with as well!


To do:

-Straight-up master Gatsby. I'm pretty comfortable with it, but I'm making 2020 the year I know this library and how to apply it in a given situation inside and out.

-Switch my job-searching strategy from sending out applications to whomever seems interesting and hiring to putting more weight into networking and targetting specific employees.

-Rebuilding momentum in terms of blogging and writing. 2020 will be the year that I get going on a series aimed at beginners that will explicitly tell them what to worry about and what not to worry about when learning software development (ie, learn this concept cold, look up the syntax for this thing as needed).

-Continue building my React knowledge, and start getting comfortable with the Apollo platform.

What NOT to do:

-Get distracted by shiny technologies (looking at you, Elixir) that are not in the React/Gatsby ecosystem. I wanted to show a certain amount of diversity, but all it's done is hurt my job search, and I want to narrow my focus and show more depth in the coming year. I will put a small amount of time into continuing to get good with Ruby on Rails, but that's the only non-JS allowance I'm making.

-Use tutorials or Udemy! This was a bad habit that I started to move away from in 2019, and it was clear that the extra effort from learning things the hard way was resulting in quicker mastery of concepts, even if it didn't feel like that. I have a React Native course that I will slowly finish up, and I will check out any Gatsby course by an A-list teacher (like Andrew Mead or Angela Yu), but this coming year will be largely tutorial free for me.


Finish up my school exams with great marks and then:

  • Learn Docker
  • Increase my WPM
  • Finish reading Interpreter Book then Compiler Book
  • Finish my implementation of Monkey Language in V
  • Make or port a library in Go for learning Go
  • Learn about C++20
  • Learn about Makefile, Yaml and JSON

I know it's very long list but I hopefully want to finish doing them in 2020.


Switch careers.

Previous years I haven't been positive about my technical ability or my actual desires. Now at the end of 2019, for the first time I feel positive I've done the requisite book-learnin' and soul-searchin' to definitively answer both.


Be more strategic in approach towards getting projects.
Network more.
Build a personal brand.
Keep getting better at what you're doing right now.
Lots to learn. Learn to be humble.

Give back to the developer community in some way.. open source something, teach someone something, give a talk on emerging technologies, anything counts.


I want to write more, both code and blog posts, and focus on building deeper and more long lasting habits rather than move from project to project (which is also fun, but I’m hoping to do something different in 2020!)


I don't have many concrete goals for 2020. But I do know that I want to become better at Object-Oriented Programming and unit testing.


Testing is a great skill to become better at! Good luck!


To quell that constant state of unease about how many gaps I have in my knowledge. I want to read more coding books instead of trying to learn strictly through application. Also to really understand why we use Frameworks like React/Vue when it's such an overengineered solution for 95% of projects.


In addition to personal goals, of which I have so... so many, I really want to get a job as a front-end developer/designer. I don't know exactly where I'll end up, but I know I want a better career full of interesting challenges, interesting people, interesting ideas, and a decent wage!


I wish!

I love my current job, the only downside is the commute!


My main goal is finding a developer job, but in 2020 I'd like to focus on building more projects and using language/frameworks I've been learning. I also would like to get more practice with algorithms and coding practice so I can be better prepared for job interviews. I'm also thinking about learning Ruby on Rails next year since I've seen it in so many job postings lately.


I want to learn some stuff this year:

  1. ThreeJS - Create some cool animations, so next time someone tells me graphics I don't have to feel intimidated.

  2. Read at least 10 books - Start small.

  3. Release at least one product. That's the most end to end you can get.



  1. Help 1 million developers to be more productive (by speed & collaboration) in their engineering, which covers APIs, GraphQL, WS & gRPC as prime tooling under Firecamp.io

  2. Generate good content which helps developers to quickly learn about modern technologies (adoption and education)

  3. Attend at least 5 conferences in 2020, to exchange the experience, knowledge and explore the diversity.


I've gotten my feet wet with Golang as a PHP developer and I've really enjoyed the process and results. I want to continue and expand on this in 2020. I want to be able to build even more flexible and performant applications in 2020 and become a programmer who uses the right tool for the job more often, whatever this might mean.


Diving deeper into Kubernetes, my knowledge regarding this is not the best at the moment and I'd like to change that. Get to know the eco-system more, maybe even contribute to the project at some point, who knows.


I’m working at home now with a contract till august 2020. So after 13 years in many company offices. Finally, I’m working at home, but with the same employer.
I have three major goals based on that.

  • I saved 27 hours of driving per month, so I have more time to read books, I already have the books.
  • I want to work on my old outdated apps on the mobile app stores.
  • Opening new YouTube channel.

Get a job as a web/front end developer.
Should be ready to look in March.
That would be 300ish days of code for on average 4 hours a day.
I’ve been very deliberate in my approach.


I want to slow down and stop being the goto guy for every problem project. Force others to step up. So I can focus on expanding my skillset.


With the added benefit of letting others grow!


Become Flutter developer and work as freelance developer


In 2020 I want to be better at my job,learn new skills especially infosec , finish my CS degree but most importantly I want to develop my connections with people and to grow myself emotionally


I want to complete my first mobile app. (In Flutter)


2020 Goals

  • Get a job
  • Learn Dart(flutter)
  • Master Data structure and Algorithm

->Communication skills.
->Data structure and algorithm.
->maybe Django


That's a lot, nice!

Though as long as you got Communication Skills at the top of the list, everything else is a bonus 🤗


One of my biggest fears is public speaking so a goal of mine for 2020 is to give a talk at a conference / meet-up on a topic I am passionate about


That's awesome! That was my goal for 2018. I didn't make it that year (submitted a few talks, but none were accepted), but in 2019 I spoke at 2 conferences!

Good luck!


Working less than currently 37.5h. Maybe 32 were enough so I have my Friday as spare time. Or even 30 which would result on 6h per day which are sufficient.


I have three goals this 2020:

  1. Write something once a month.
  2. Learn a new backend technology, looking at Golang or Rails
  3. Finish all of my pending projects(Always starting but not finishing)

making 50k in revenue by following a plan:

  • making video courses.
  • selling templates.
  • building another page builder as SAAS.

The next year is about money only.


Planed to dive in to Deep Learning and ChatBots development


I've given up on setting goals as I realise that I hardly ever fulfill them...


Learn python, flask, django to backend, react to frontend, read more books, learn english, learn nginx and all about servers, data structures...i don't have mutch time


Improve my coding skills using php, learn AND understand javascript better, learn nodejs, become a true web developer.


Becoming a professional developer! I'm already learning and building stuff, I just want to also be able to provide for my family while doing it.

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