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Hana Belay
Hana Belay

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A recipe sharing web app with Django and React

Hello everyone. I've built a recipe sharing app using Django rest framework and React.js. This application has taught me a lot and wanted to share it with you guys.

Main technologies used for the project

  • Django, Django rest framework
  • React.js, Redux, TailwindCSS

Some of the features

  • JWT based user registration and login.
  • CRUD endpoints for recipes.
  • Like and bookmark feature.
  • Unit testing on the backend.
  • Documentation of the API using drf_spectacular which supports OAS3.

=> There are some things to be fixed on the frontend and other features will be added soon.

Screenshots and GIFs

Landing Page

Login Page

Quick View

Recipe Form

The frontend and backend are hosted separately on Netlify and Heroku respectively.

You can test the endpoints here:

If you like the project, give it a star on GitHub.

Link to GitHub repo:

Note: If you guys would like to see a tutorial on how some of the features are done, especially on the integration of Django and React, let me know in the comments section down below. I'll make sure to write a detailed article about the topic.

Any suggestions and feedbacks are welcome.

Thanks for your time.

Top comments (5)

manny22isaac profile image
manny22isaac • Edited on

this is great thanks!
Also what did you use as your database?

earthcomfy profile image
Hana Belay

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

I used PostgreSQL

manny22isaac profile image

No problem I'm looking forward towards your tutorial!

toseef_hasan profile image
Toseef hasan

@earthcomfy can you share the tutorial too?

earthcomfy profile image
Hana Belay

Hey, I've not written a tutorial yet.

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