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I'm sick of spending hours chasing down broken builds with no rational explanation

It's a lock file dude. And if you also want to lock down transitive dependency, use yarn's offline cache with a lock file.

I've had almost the exact opposite experience.

Vue - originally designed for newbies and designers. Copies patterns from other frameworks to entice developers to switch. You know where that's going---Angular 1 all over again! (Easy first few days but then you need a PhD to engineer complex apps).

React - seems to be designed for engineers. Features are added because they solve use cases (not because of "where the industry is going").

I've used Vue, Angular, and React and have always had a pleasant experience with React.

Would not use pure JS for a complex app---you end up reinventing the wheel before you know it!

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Scott Simontis

In one instance, it was a brand new project I was starting where dependencies were breaking. I feel after a clean start no problems should have been possible. But I also had a manager standing behind me yelling so I couldn't focus at all, so perhaps it was something really trivial and I was just too irritated to focus.

I wish Elm was a little more mature, I am learning F# so I love Elm's syntax. It has a long way to go, however. I'd like to play around with PureScript and some of the other functional languages now that I have some time.