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This article is very interesting. I knew that Docker for Mac OS was different and running inside a VM, but not with such details.
However IMHO there is a little bit of exageration: it is working correctly on my machine, and the overhead in comparison with the Linux setup is not such a pain.


Thanks for sharing, Eric.

I think it's a case of YMMV here. We have a pretty I/O heavy setup with our front-end (i.e. webpack) and, without mitigation, it constantly chews through resources. Checking my Activity Monitor right now, at idle, my docker.hyperkit on my MBP sits at 40%...and that's with help from docker-sync.

Without mitigation, it's not unusual for it to sit at 90%+, especially when you're saving source code a bunch from the host.


On my work MBP with large projects it's up to about 50 times slower than on Linux running IO heavy apps, particularly those which have to monitor for changes or recursively search directories.

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