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Discussion on: Hosting A Website on Infinity Free For Free

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Yikes! InfinityFree - I used them a long time ago to host my website, but they were hit with massive downtime where my site was down for more than around 3-4 weeks and it would have been longer the longer I stayed. Then I moved to x10Hosting who were better, but I started to also experience downtime as they moved from CPanel to DirectAdmin. Despite it being almost finished, with little downtime, while I was still using it, people are still having issues to this day after they moved, so, as I got more comfortable with it, I eventually moved my site to Glitch. Its great! Hardly any downtime, supports loads more languages than just HTML, Node and PHP (e.g. Python, Ruby, etc.) and it has an amazing community forum with a huge, but close-knit community backing it. Would choose Glitch over any other free host and they have a paid plan with even more ability!

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Billy Okeyo Author

Thanks, I'll look into Glitch