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Discussion on: How to survive a remote working position

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Edwin Mak • Edited

Excellent post! I've been doing remote work for about a year so far. I had to learn a lot of lessons that you provided in this article the hard way. My issue was overworking actually; I would wake up in the morning and started working until the sun went down. I noticed after a few days of this that I had to find a way to regain control over my schedule. From there on, I would go to the gym and then to an office that rented. An office does cost money yet for sanity's sake, it is well worth it!

One tip that comes to mind is to focus on how to effectively communicate with concise and clear messaging. Remote work gets very challenging if messages are ambiguous or unclear. There is a back and forth that can be avoided if messaging is short and clear. Skip the jargon if possible. Don't describe your technology solutions with loaded ambiguous terms like 'hacky' or 'scalable'.

I do love the tip on planning for the next day at the end of the workday! I think it can deter me from overworking.

Thanks for this post! I'll certainly share it with my coworkers.

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Rob Kendal {{☕}} Author

Thanks Edwin. Yeah that’s a great point about the clarity in communication. There’s a lot more written communication in remote work and you’re right, keeping it concise will 100% help 👍🏻