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Top React Static Site Generators

Because they are faster and flexible, static site generators are becoming increasingly popular. Have a look at some amazing React Static Site Generators.


is one of the most popular static site generators for React. It is a free and open source framework that helps developers build blazing-fast websites and apps.

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Next JS

if you want a static site generator for you next React Project, next.js is definitely worth a look.

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Jekyll With React

is another great static site generator for React which is built on top of Ruby.

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React Static

is a progressive static site generator based on React and its ecosystem. Because it is powerful, lightweight, and fast, it will be a great option for your next React app.

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is a scalable enterprise-class React Framework that provides out-of-the-box tools and plugins to aid the rapid development of scalable applications.

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So, which one you use?

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ericchapman profile image
Eric The Coder

I am a beginner so my question maybe will sound weird to you but when they say static web site for React what thats mean? Those generator build web static site and once the base is build you can customize it and add reactivity / functions with React js? I try to understand the purpose of those tool...

parthp1808 profile image
Parth Patel

Anything with support for incremental build?

makwanapunit profile image
Punit Makwana

Gatsby has it but only Gatsby Cloud and Netlify support it for now.